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Nothing Grabs People's Attention Like Big, Bold, Colorful Prints!

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Wall Wraps / Wall Murals

Velocity Graphics has been producing eye catching building wall wraps in the Las Vegas area for decades. Proudly helping Local Businesses stand out in a highly populated market.

Wall wraps for the office are a nice quick way to brighten up your employees environment and raise moral. Another way to utilize a corporate wall wrap is to display your Core Values, front and center, so your employees and customers alike can clearly understand your Brand and what it stands for.

Design, Print & Install… In no time at all!

Graphic Wall Wraps

Custom Vinyl Wall Wraps will always have their place in marketing and advertising. Whether it’s a set of Wall Wraps for Business, Walls Wraps for Schools or Outdoor Wall Wraps we’ve got you covered!

Graphic Installation? No Problem! We’ve got crews nationwide ready to install any graphic at a moments notice.

Here are some of our other Wall Wrap Projects.